Office 2007 (.docx) and 2003 (.doc) file help

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There is a large number of users of Microsoft Office for data processing and data editing and many other purposes. But most of the users are using previous versions of Microsoft Office.

A few days before, I installed Office 2007 on my PC. I also installed Office 2003. I want to use two versions of Microsoft Office (2003 +2007) in my computer. When I clicked to run MS Word 2003/2007 program, it did not work perfectly.

In that situation if I click the Word icon for two times, the mouse cursor will hang and I cannot click anywhere.

What’s the problem? What can I do to fix this problem?

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Office 2007 (.docx) and 2003 (.doc) file help


There are two main reason of the problem that you are facing

1.     If you have installed the Word 2007 first and then you install Word 2003. It will not work properly because the updated version is available in your local machine.

2.     If you have installed Word 2003 and then you have updated the version, it will be same as above. It’s only the updated version of Word.

To handle the problem you have to do the following steps.

1.     First install Word version 2003.

2.     Now install Word version 2007. But keep in mind that while installing the Word 2007, a dialog box will be open showing that:

·         i) update the previous version 

·         ii) install a new copy of Word 2007

·         You have to select the second option when installation was completed successfully.

Enjoy using both version of Word.

Jhon Kemp

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Office 2007 (.docx) and 2003 (.doc) file help


Tyrone, your issue here is a bit complicated. In order to use MS Word 2003 and 2007 at the same time, you must have a PC or laptop with very large space and RAM (about 120GB-200GB and 1GB RAM) it is possible to use both but really not necessary.

If your computer does not have those requirements, or a large virtual memory, then you cannot be able to easily use both of these MS programs together.

So you may either need to have only Office 2007 and uninstall 2003 if your memory does not allow you. The installation files need to be separate if you really want to run on the two programs.

Hope this helps. Thanks


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Office 2007 (.docx) and 2003 (.doc) file help


You can install both Office 2003 and Office 2007 at the same time.  However, you can only install 1 version of Outlook (you have to choose whether you want Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007).

Here are the steps:

NOTE:  Because you said you already installed both MS Office versions, you will now have to uninstall both. After uninstalling, run a registry cleaning application and delete the folders of both MS Office versions from the Program Files folder.  Restart before you proceed to the steps below.

1. Install Office 2003.  Let Windows update detect updates and service packs for Office 2003 and install those.  It is recommended to get Office 2003 fully updated before you proceed to the next step.

2. Install Office 2007 using the custom install option.  Select a different folder for Office 2007 to be installed into to prevent your Office 2003 installation from being overwritten or upgraded.  If you prefer using Outlook 2003, do not install Outlook 2007 or else it will remove Outlook 2003 and install itself.

3. This 3rd step is optional if you experience a lot of delay during startup of Office 2007.  This article from Microsoft discusses installation of Office 2007 on a system with a different version of MS Office and discusses how to disable auto-registry of Office 2007 via Registry editing.

Hope this helps!

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