Object Expected JavaScript Errors on Web page

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I visited a website through Internet Explorer 7 when an error suddenly appears.

I know that this is a common JavaScript error but I need to open the website for my project.

Can anyone please re-direct me to proper solutions?

I have been searching for similar issue as mine, but I am seeing same errors on webpage that works incorrectly but have different value for the error.

Please help.

I really need this to work.

Windows Internet Explorer
Errors on this webpage might cause it to work incorrectly
To see this image in the future, double click the warning icon on the status bar.
Object expected
Code: 0
URL: http://localhost/testscripts/javascript/ref_url/ref_url.php
Line: 1
Char: 1
[] Always show this message for webpages errors
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Object Expected JavaScript Errors on Web page


If you try accessing the website over and over again using Microsoft Internet Explorer and you still keep on receiving this kind of error, try visiting the website using a different web browser like Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and others.

If there is no problem with the page you are trying to access on that website, then maybe the problem here is with the web browser you are using. Just try accessing the site using a different web browser. But if you already use a different web browser and the error you receive on that page is still the same, then the problem is with the page you are trying to access.

The error shown on the image you attached is pointing on a missing file on the site. The link you are accessing is trying to access a page which is missing. This could be a typographical error on the link provided on the page.

The name of the file or page provided on the link could possibly be misspelled that’s why the page could not be reached.

If you can access the main page or the index page of the website, you can contact the site administrator using the Contact Us link found at the bottom of the page and report the error you encounter.

You can download Mozilla Firefox 9.0.1, the latest version.

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