Nucleus service failed to load

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I am getting this annoying error message when trying to launch Venus 1500 v4 showing that “when trying to launch Venus 1500 v4”. I am looking for the resolution so I expect the best solution from experts. I am using Windows XP Operating System. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Nucleus service could not be started. Nucleus service failed to load.


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Nucleus service failed to load


Hi Lloyd,
The error is because some files in the Darktronics and Microsoft SQL Server folder are compressed.
The solution to it is as below:
1) Go to 'Windows services'
2) Go to 'Windows Start Menu' > 'Search Programs and files' > Types 'Services'
3) Locate the SQL Server and Darktronics Nuclues Server and stop the service
4) Navigate to 'C:Program Files'
5) Right Click 'Darktronics' and choose 'Properties'
6) In the 'General' tab, Click 'Advanced'
7) Uncheck 'compress contents to save disk space', Click 'OK'
8) Select 'Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files', Click 'OK'
9) Go to > Venus1500 > Utils > Nuclues Database Diagnostics
10) Save and Open .zip file
11) Extract the files to desktop
12) Run the utility and Attach databases
13) Locate 'SQL Server' and 'Darktronics Nuclues Server'
14) Restart the servers
15) Re-launch Venus1500

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