The NTLDR file is missing

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When starting my Windows XP, I find the message :

“NTLDR missing. ”

NTLDR missing

I tried to restore my system but no restore point.

I have important programs installed, so I can’t reinstall Windows.

Thank you.

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The NTLDR file is missing


Greetings Emanss,

I encountered the same problem a few days ago and I solved the problem by following the below mentioned steps:

1. Enter Windows XP service pack 2 cd in your CD-ROM.

2. Boot from your CD-ROM.

3. Start Windows XP setup.

4. A repair option will appear shortly and it will ask you to press r button. Do the same.

5. Now it will ask you to enter the boot location. It will be 1, because you had running XP alone (not a multiple operating systems) as you told. Press 1.

6. Now command prompt will appear. Write down the drive letter of your CD-ROM, say its D, so write D:

7. D:> Now a prompt like this will appear. Write the following commands there:

  • copy d:i386ntldr.exe c: (press enter)
  • copy c:

8. Write exit and press enter your system will reboot with up and running Windows XP.



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The NTLDR file is missing



You received the NTLDR error message when starting or rebooting your computer.  

  • NTLDR is missing. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart. 


The NTLDR error message is usually caused when the following condition exists, although there are causes of NTLDR errors.

1. The primary partition is formatted with the FAT32 filesystem.

2. The computer starts by using INT-13 extensions.

3. The heads value in the FAT32 BIOS Parameter block (BPB) does not match that of the physical disk drive.


Step 1: Remove all the non-bootable media.

Step 2: Copy new system files using your Windows 95/98/XP start up boot diskette or bootable cd.

Step 3: Repair your system using your Windows XP bootable disk.

Step 4: Download and run BCUPDATE2.

  • Copy the BCUPDATE2.EXE into the root folder of a windows cd.
  • Boot your computer using the bootable disk.
  • At the command prompt issue, the following command and press enter.


If you receive the error 'BCUPDATE2 is not recognized as an internal and external command, operable program or batch file then you have not either copied the bcupdate2. exe file correctly to your boot diskette or cd, or you have copied into a folder inside the disk or cd.


Rey Mark Valenzuela

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The NTLDR file is missing


This error occur because of many reasons.

It could occur when BIOS is outdated or if there are missing or damaged Windows boot file.

So you need to check if your BIOS is updated.  It can also be because your computer is booting from a non bootable source.

Or you recently added a new hard drive. It can also be because of a corrupted boot sector or corrupt Windows XP version.

So you need to do a lot of testing on your computer to fix this.

Check if there is a disk inside your CD-ROM to make sure that you are not booting from your CD-ROM.

Insert your Windows XP installation disk and then boot from CD. Press R to repair your Windows.

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