Ntfs.sys error on switching to Vista from XP

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I cannot use my desktop for some reason. It won't boot up. My Operating System is Windows Vista. The CPU is just manually built up by my brother's friend. It has been three years that I am using this computer and just a month ago, from Operating System of XP.

I finally decided to switch to Windows Vista. I think, I should not have because I am now experiencing this issue.

I am not sure if Vista is prone to Ntfs.sys error, but I encountered this from switching to it. Just thinking about the hassle in reformatting once again, transferring files and thinking of files that I was not able to save makes me weak.

Is there any other way to solve this without the reformat?

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Ntfs.sys error on switching to Vista from XP



Your problem is with regards to your operating system and you need it fixed. There are things that you can try to fix this problem, here are some of them:

  1. Repair your Windows Installation, boot on your CD installation and Repair your windows their by pressing R, do not worry as this won't delete any of your saved files but rather it will only try and repair your windows without formatting your hard drive.
  2. If the first doesn't work, you have no choice but to probably reformat your system and go back to Windows XP, the issue may be that some components in your PC are not compatible with Windows Vista and is conflicting with the operating system.
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Ntfs.sys error on switching to Vista from XP


One of the possible reasons why you encounter a problem with the “ntfs.sys” file is data corruption. Data corruption can occur on the system files of Microsoft Windows if you don’t shut it down properly. Avoid frequently resetting your CPU while Microsoft Windows is running because there is a lot of system files currently opened. Always shut down your computer properly to avoid data corruption among the system files.

One way of fixing this problem is to replace the “ntfs.sys” file with the original one from the Windows setup CD. To do this, you need the Windows Vista setup CD. Insert the Windows Vista setup CD on the optical drive and restart the computer from the disc. Press any key to boot from the CD. When you see the Windows Options menu, press “R” to access “Repair Console”.

Next, when you are prompted with “Which Windows installation would you like to log onto”, press “1” and then type your administrator password. In the command prompt, type without quotes “cd windowssystem32drivers” then hit Enter. Again, type without quotes “ren ntfs.sys ntfs.old” then hit Enter. This will rename the existing “ntfs.sys” file to “ntfs.old”.

In case an error is thrown saying file is not found, it means the “ntfs.sys” file is missing. After this, type without quotes “copy d:i386ntfs.sys c:windowssystem32drivers” then hit Enter. Note: “d:” refers to the drive letter of the optical drive or the Microsoft Windows setup CD and “c:” refers to the drive letter of your system drive. Replace the drive letter if you are using a different one.

After copying the file, remove the Windows setup CD from the optical drive and restart your computer. See if this fixes the problem.

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