NT workstation machine not able to add to domain

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NT workstation machine not able to add to domain.

Is there a known issue or a solution anyone knows how to add a desktop to the Domain?

My domain is Windows 2003.

I just have one desktop that needs to be in this OS for a few months and have had no luck adding it to the domain.

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NT workstation machine not able to add to domain

Yes this is a known issue.
Download this .exe "Dsclient.EXE" and install it on the Nt4 machine.
Leave it for say 30 min and try adding to the domain. It should work as expected. Also can check the below in the time being.
Other things to check as well.
Do you have Wins
Check if credentials are correct. Use the same credentials on other machine to verify.
Also check if the keyboard letters are working type the password in a notepad to check if its the same (very common issue).
Hope this helps.
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NT workstation machine not able to add to domain



We had faced the same issue few years back, now I need to go back to my earlier bulletins to resolve this issue
First we have to understand the differences between NT4 environments and win 2003 environment with respect to the domain controllers.

In NT4 systems, an NT4 Primary Domain Controller (PDC) is the main area, on which the environment is dependent for certain operations. However in Active Directory there is NO PDC per se., rather a PDC Emulator, which restricts the role to be performed only on ONE Domain Controller at any given time.

In NT4 systems, Primary Domain Controller will be the main area, on which the domain environment is dependent for few operations but in Active Directory there is NO PDC. The functions of , Primary Domain Controller will be performed by a single domain controller at any time

For most domains, the PDC emulator is on the first AD of the DC which was built in the domain.
Does your Domain controller is linked across WAN connections while your NT4 system tries to joining to your domain. I feel that it’s looking for A Primary Domain Controller

This issue will occur if WINS is not configured properly, then the system will start broadcasting in the network in search of “browser master”, this broadcast will cut off at the router end of the WAN Link.

To resolve this Issue, you have to follow below steps:

  1. Install and configure WINS on all your Domain Controllers and the workstation.
  2. Configure the workstation to connect only with core location.
  3. On the Domain Controller configure the WINS to point only to itself.
  4. Configure the workstation to point to nearest DC as primary and core site as secondary (If you have DHCP, configure options 044 with WINS servers and 046 with 0x8.

After completing these steps you will be able to join the NT4 workstations to the domain on windows 2003 environment.

Please Note: my suggestion is to migrate NT4 workstation to the latest version of Windows

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