Notify About Pdf File Too Large To Email In Details

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Hello, notify about the pdf file too large to email in details for the better understanding as well. Reply for the same ASAP and thanks for solving too

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Notify About Pdf File Too Large To Email In Details


Hey, the pdf file too large to email sometimes get over the Google drives easily or can compress the files to send the same easily. As the normal limit to send every file formats is only 25 Mb if it extends that we can send the same on the drive itself. Also on the drive you can edit the preferences as well. Also it is more safer and can upload the same file over the drive and access to it as well. Also compressing the file is another method to send over the email as well.

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Notify About Pdf File Too Large To Email In Details


If you get that message when attaching a PDF file to your email message that means the file size of the PDF is too big for the email. If you’ll be using Gmail to send the PDF file, the maximum size for an attachment is 25 MB and this 25 MB limit only works on Gmail and may not apply to other email service.

Most of the mail servers are configured not to accept attachments bigger than 10 MB. So, if you are using other mail service and not Gmail, you may accidentally bump into this 10 MB limit attachment. On the other hand, if you have a Gmail account, here’s an update on the 25 MB attachment limit.

In November 27, 2012, Google announced on their blog that users will now be able to send attachments as big as 10 GB. This is with the help of Google Drive which they launched back in April 2012. So, if you need to send an attachment bigger than 25 MB, upload that file to your Google Drive then send it as an attachment via Gmail.


When composing your email in Gmail, click on the Google Drive icon to attach your file from your Google Drive. Gmail will check if your recipient has access to your file. When it detected the file is not shared with your recipient, it will prompt you to change the file’s sharing settings.

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