Notification Appears in Android “DRM required”

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I received a notification which I open up and I saw a text was written "DRM Required". When I try to click it, this notification was disappearing without showing anything.

Can anyone help me out what kind of notification was? 




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Notification Appears in Android “DRM required”



Hi M.Saleem,

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is an access control used by companies for copyright reasons to limit usage of digital products. Most people receive this notification from using such products. It could be from an App, a downloaded music, movie, or any other type of protected media.  Hope this helps. Take care.


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Notification Appears in Android “DRM required”




A DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a platform of Android that manages rights-protected/licensed content. There are many cases on why this warning showed up.

1. You might be accessing some contents that are not right-protected. These kinds of contents can harm/damage your software.

2. You are accessing a content which you do not have privileges.

3. The software is updated licenses for some contents but an error occurred.

4. Failure to register user's device online (your software must have an online DRM service).

5. DRM plug-ins cannot be recognized.

I hope I answered your question sufficiently. Thank you.


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Notification Appears in Android “DRM required”



DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. It is a digital management tool that is imposed by electronic device manufacturers for the purpose of monitoring what the users are doing on their devices.

In your case (Android), the manufacturers have restrictions that whatever you want to do should be done under an internet connection. This will enable them to control your actions. However, privacy is denied.

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