Notepad logging of date and time

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Hi Everyone,

I was informed that, once I have typed or logged info in Notepad, I can also automatically log its time by pressing F5 on my keyboard. The sad part it, I cannot make this work.

Anything else I need to check?

I would appreciate if somebody can help.


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Notepad logging of date and time


Hello there Lynn,

This is indeed an interesting trick on notepad! If you cannot use the keyboard shortcut, try doing these instead:

  1. Open Notepad. Type in .LOG in all capital letters. 
  2. Save the file.
  3. Everytime you open it, it will log the date and time that you open the file. 
  4. Just make sure that you save your file before exiting it. 
  5. The F5 key should work but make sure you click on Notepad where exactly you want the entry to be made. Make sure you see the cursor on your notepad.
  6. Another helpful trick on notepad: make sure the "word wrap" option is unchecked. This is under Format. Press CTRL + g on your keyboard. This will allow you to input the line number where you want to type next.

Hope you'll find these very useful! 

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Notepad logging of date and time



Hi, yes it's true. By pressing F5 notepad would automatically log its time and date. But if your F5 is not working, you can do this manually —- just go to "Edit" from the menu tabs and go to the last option listed on the dropdown menu, "Time/Date" and click on that. After clicking that, automatically, notepad will log the time and date.

But if you are using this notepad file every now and then and needs it to be automatically logged in every time you open the file, then type on the 1st line in the text box of the file ".LOG" and press save.

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