Not a valid or recognized data source

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My greetings to all readers, please check on my post here, regarding my problem using ARCGIS, I cannot open a certain file that was sent to me as a sample file, an error message appeared on my screen, with a message that the file cannot be recognized, I attached below the screenshot to support this post.

/home/timlinux/gisdata/qgis_test_data/ticket_1141/ąęćń.shp is not a

valid or recognized data source

On my analysis of the error message, the file cannot  recognize, but this file is created on ArcGis, I am wondering what went wrong with my application or my data, please extend some help by commenting on my post,

Hoping and waiting for comments. Thanks readers.

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Not a valid or recognized data source


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You could (should) generate a test data set with cross-checking via multiple different 3rd-party re-projection APIs, giving you more confidence that you're not just reproducing, for example, a proj.4 bug.

Also, you can create various identities, modulo floating point error, that you can test in a randomized way — e.g. round-tripping through CRS A > CRS B > CRS A should give you the same point you started with.

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Not a valid or recognized data source


Hi Thomasredmall, 

I got your problem, hope this will help you to fix your error. Your 'ąęćń.shp' file type is not recognized by your PC.
So I suggest to open your file by opening ArcGis > File > Open > then go to your file directory and open it.
If it didn't fix your error, I think your 'ąęćń.shp' file is corrupted somehow. Try to get original file again from where you received it from, then try to open it.
It will be a solution to your problem. 

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