Not possible to create the filter of apprehension of video

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After not being very lucky with the last videocard, I changed my video card to a device with the chipset of Philips 713 x
Now on having selected apprehension video, salt the following message:
One could not initialize the plugin of video capture.

Open driver failed

It is not possible to create the filter of apprehension of video

I have just installed (SAA7130 TV PCI card) with more recent controllers, excluding the software so that Video Studio 12 pro is the only software of apprehension of the machine

Also, to reinstall card so much Video Studio after doing a finished restoration of the system and CC uses cleaner to remove any residual fact before installing again

I need to use the video apprehension inside the software of Video Studio as I have to use the functionality(functional character) of detection of scene.

What I had to change the card it is first of all this video study only it allowed me to receive in AVI 320 x 240 and gave 'bankrupt captures' errors with any other thing.

Please help!

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Not possible to create the filter of apprehension of video



I think there is really a problem here. Each time you use the software something bad happens and an error pops up until you decided on replacing your video card to possibly make it work but still it’s a failure. Buying a new video card without even checking if the software you are using is really compatible to run on your computer is totally a waste of money. It would be better if you check the application first before deciding on buying a new hardware for your computer.

I can’t say if your VideoStudio Pro 12 is really incompatible with your operating system since you did not mention here the specifications of your computer not even the operating system it is running. You can’t do anything now about your hardware since you already bought it. What you should do now is isolate the problem on your machine. I tried searching the web for the system specifications of VideoStudio Pro 12 but I can’t seem to find such a version. All I’m getting is Ulead VideoStudio 11 which is now Corel VideoStudio since Corel already bought Ulead.

Since you can’t check the software’s system requirements from the inside because it doesn’t open, visit the site again where you downloaded the program then check for the system requirements there. If it isn’t available already then contact the site and asked them for the program’s technical specifications and explain to them the problem you are having. Since it takes almost a week for websites to respond, might as well upgrade your program to the latest version supported by your operating system.

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