HP DeskJet 722C: Not enough printer memory error

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My HP DeskJet722C printer has been normally working since then until tomorrow when I did some printing jobs for about one thousand pages when this error suddenly appeared “Not enough printer memory available to print page.” The printing output of the printer was not good.

I did some research on how I can solve the problem and one of the websites that I had visited instructed me change the print resolution into a higher one.

The website had also instructed to change the printer memory using the device option interface to match the system memory to my PC but I don’t have any idea on how to do it. Can you please give me some insights on this problem of mine? Thanks for the help.

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HP DeskJet 722C: Not enough printer memory error


Hi Aivana,

Normally this kind off issue will be occurs because of the memory setting on the Microsoft Windows printer driver is too low. The default memory setting for some printer drivers is lowest then possible setting. Therefore, this setting may be insufficient for your print job. In the different way is the size of the files that you are trying to print has over the memory capacity of the printer, extend the print job indefinitely. To fix this issue, there are several things that you need to do:

  1. Reset the memory setting on the printer driver to be same as the exact amount of memory installed on the printer it self. This is how to change the printer driver memory setting for different operating system of windows:

    • Windows 2000; click start – expand settings – click printers.
    • Windows XP; click start – click control panel – click switch to classic view on the left if it isn’t selected as default – click printers and faxes.
    • Once got to printer option; right-click the icon that corresponds to the printer generating the error message – click properties – select the device settings tab – check the printer memory section to confirm that the number corresponds to the amount of memory installed in the computer. If it’s not same, just select the proper setting and click ok button to finish.
  2. Let say if the printer you’re using doesn’t have enough physical RAM to handle the print job, the only way to solve this issue is to add extra memory for the printer or replacing the existing chip(s) with larger ones. Try to check at the documentation that came with the printer or contact the manufacturer to see if this is possible and to find out how much does it cost. Normally printer memory is more expensive than PC memory.
  3. Actually most of the printer around the world if having this kind of issue the way to troubleshot is almost the same with the rest of it. Maybe if you like to apply Ricoh troubleshooting method to your HP:

    • First of all quit any unused applications, and then try to maximize free memory for that printer.
    • If still fail, try to switch to a screen mode with less colors or a lower resolution of your desktop or laptop able to apply.
    • Print pages in portrait orientation. You need to try this out due to it will only required about half of the free memory when you print data in landscape version.
    • As a last option maybe try to consider using 256-colour quality or a lower resolution (dpi) on the printer. Both of these measures are likely to decrease the quality of printing it self.
  4. The simple solution of it for sure, uninstall the driver of the printer it self and reinstall the fresh one. Make sure you uninstall it in a clean way, meaning to say from the control panel and also delete from the registry if you now how to deal with it. This is to avoid clash between old driver that maybe left behind after uninstall with the new one.

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HP DeskJet 722C: Not enough printer memory error


Hello Aivana,

Hope that my message finds you well.
To solve your problem please follow the steps:
-Right click on your driver.
-Choose properties and left click.
-Now click on printing preferences
-Then click on advanced.
-under printer features change send job as a bitmap from disable to enabled

Finally see if the job will print.

Hope this solution will help you.
Kind regards,

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HP DeskJet 722C: Not enough printer memory error


You have one HP DesKJeT 722C printer.You print many page but now you face one problem that your printer called an error your printer give you one notification that Memory full so i tell you that you can do it that you bye one Memory that have many capacity and i remind then you have no problem.

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