Not Enough Memory to Run

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Please help me in this very troublesome situation on my PC.

Yesterday, I had updated my AMI BIOS as a recommendation from a friend who has knowledge on computer hardware and networking.

According to him, I need to update the BIOS for compatibility purposes with the new 500GB hard drive that I had mounted ahead into my PC. In the middle of the BIOS update process, there was an unexpected power interruption happened.

When I started the PC again, its Windows Vista operating system did not boot.

"Not enough memory to run and runswap.exe"

I followed the command prompt and press F10, but nothing had happened.

I cannot go to BIOS page set-up also.

When I tried using the recovery disk that I have, this error occurred “Not enough memory to run,” and afterwards, this error also occurred “runswap.exe”.

How can I solve this issue?

Thanks for your help.

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Not Enough Memory to Run


The main reason of the error "Not enough memory to run and runswap.exe" are the viruses that peeps into your system with the update/install of new programs. The consequences will be automating decrement of your memory.

Following are some of the methods that can be applied for the solution:

Method 1:

Utilize the System Restore option to restore your system back to the previous properly  working state.

  1. Close all the applications and browse whatever you have opened.
  2. Press Windows key and go to select all programs > Accessories > System Tools > and then click System Restore.
  3. A User Account Window will open.
  4. Click continue button.
  5. Select "Recommended restore" radio button on the system restore screen to undo the most recent update, driver or software installation that is responsible for the problem.
  6. Now press the Next button and select the point that you would like to restore.
  7. Press the Next button again.
  8. Press finish button by confirming your restore point and then your system will restart automatically.

Method 2:

Your internet browser and cookies are required to be cleaned off. As they grasp some of the system memory space. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows key and select Control Panel.
  2. Select Network and Internet Options category.
  3. Select Internet Option icon.
  4. Internet Properties window will opens.
  5. In Browsing History please check the "Delete browsing history on exit" check box then click Delete button.
  6. On the delete Browsing History Window, please check all the check box to delete History, Temporary Internet files and cookies.
  7. Then click Delete button and click OK button on the Internet Properties window.

Method 3:

Spyware silently affects your system performance by destroying the hard disk, slowing down your internet connection and also automatically change some of your computer’s settings. Therefore you are required to scan your computer with the latest updated anti-virus software. If you already installed an anti-virus then follow these steps:

  1. Open your anti-virus and click Tools tab then select Update.
  2. Updating your anti-virus is very important, do it on a regular basis as recommended.
  3. When updating done, select Tools tab to select scan computer then wait for a minute.
  4. When scanning is done, look for the Scan results and check the virus detected. You can see the files that affected in the object.
  5. Remove the infected files and restart your PC.

Method 4:

You can also use HDD Scan in order to scan your computer. It is a freeware program which will help you in deleting viruses, Trojans and network worms.

It can fix all the problems related Ram failures, hard disk problems and Registry problems.

It supports IDE, SATA, SCSI hard disk drives, Raid arrays, Flash cards and external USB/Firewire hard disks.

Here is the link:

Download the HDDScan Installer from the link:

Download older version

Method 5:

Set your computer to change the virtual memory, if you are running low.

You can also do so by manually changing the size and dividing the file space between the multiple drives.

Follow the steps:

  1. Press Windows key and select Control Panel.
  2. Pick the Performance and Maintenance category then click the System icon.
  3. In the System Properties Window, select Advanced Tab.
  4. Under the Performance click Setting button.
  5. And when the Performance Options Window opens, Select Advanced Tab.
  6. Click Change under Virtual Memory.
  7. Select System managed size radio button then click Set button for three times and hit OK.
  8. Restart your computer.
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Not Enough Memory to Run



You must pay attention to BIOS. Your motherboard is “bricked”, it’s means that something gone wrong during your update.

The only thing you can try is updating your BIOS newly so a working copy of the binary file can overwrite your broken one.

The fact that you cannot enter into his setup is a clear symptom of BIOS updating failure.

If it’s impossible to update your BIOS you can search for motherboard jumper for recovering your BIOS, follow the instruction manual of your hardware. 

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Not Enough Memory to Run


Following could be some of the possible reasons for your problem:

  1. Your Hard Disks HDD(s) may need defragging.
  2. Your R AM may not be enough – alone for the OS you need to have at least of 512Mb, and more for games.
  3. You are required to have a higher resolution graphic card, normally big games need card between 64Mb to 256Mb.
  4. It will be good if you update all the drivers you use, especially the one related with your graphics and the motherboard.

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