Not able to install .exe files, receiving an odd error

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The patch of duty 4 game I downloaded in couples of days ago, but I could not install it, the similar applies while I attempt to install Google Earth
I receive the following error when I click on EXE file


Command line parameters:

/L language ID

/S Hide initializing dialog. For silent mode use: /S


/V parameters to MsiExec.exe

/UA<url to InstMsiA.exe>

/UW<url to InstMsiA.exe>

/UM<url to msi package>


Anything didn't occur, when I click on the button of ok.

What is happening over here, I feel that somebody may have modified on my system
Your reply will be an honour for me

Thank you

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Not able to install .exe files, receiving an odd error



Good day Olivia

It seems you have a virus that had corrupted you registry and don`t allow you to install anymore programs.

You can try to restore you pc to an earlier time before the corruption.

Go to Start, Control panel, System and security, Backup and restore, Recover system settings or your computer.

Then you have a few options to restore your pc to an earlier time. you can open restore points and restore it to an earlier time when your system was still good.

This will reset you pc, and will sort your problem.

 You can also try to  put you pc in safe mode. To do is to switch the pc off and on again then  press F8 repeatedly . The option to boot into safe mode will appear. When in safe mode, open the command prompt. Type cdwindows press enter, the type regedit then enter, this will open the registry editor


Then go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT exefile shell open command. 

Then you double click on default value and delete the current data and replace with "%1" %* and click ok. and clickand 

Then go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.exe  and set default to exefile.

 Exit the registry eitor .

Restart your pc.

If you are unable to start regedit from the command prompt, because it is an exe file, try this.

In the command prompt type copy regedit.exe, this will change the extension of the file from .exe to .com.

Hope this will help you safe you files on your pc. The last option when everthing else fail is to load a fresh copy of your OS, and start over. It is not something i recommend , because you will all your files if didn`t make a backup.



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