Norton Antivirus Error on Mac Pro

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My Mac Pro has been installed with Norton Antivirus but it’s kept on getting error saying to re-install Norton or open the live update. The dialogue box keeps on showing up even though I have tried doing both. The dialogue box is still showing even after I have decided to uninstall it.

Showing up this dialogue:
Norton Antivirus Error
Norton Antivirus Auto-Protect could not continue. Please run Live Update or reinstall Norton Antivirus and restart. (Code: 10)

Can any one help me, please?

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Norton Antivirus Error on Mac Pro



The dialog box about the error message of Norton is still popping up even if you have uninstalled Norton. I don’t know how you uninstalled Norton but for me it’s clear that the Norton files are still present on the computer. We need to totally wipe out or remove the Norton files and re-install it back. To totally remove the Norton software, please click on the link.

Run the removal tool since it is designed for mac computers only. After running the tool, restart the computer and check if the popup is still present. If not then go ahead and re-install the Norton back to your computer.

You can also manually uninstall Norton using the link.

If the problem will occur after doing the steps, follow the error message. Run Live Update and check the version of your Norton. Please take note that Norton 10.1.2 is not compatible with the Mac Snow Leopard. You need to manually update Norton to 11.1.2. To manually update Norton, click on the link.

I don’t know the version of your Mac and also the type of Norton Antivirus. Those links will help you to update it.

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Norton Antivirus Error on Mac Pro


As stated in the error message, try uninstalling Norton Antivirus in the Control Panel. Remove all of its contents and then reinstall it back again. Also, ensure that you have the latest LiveUpdate Installer. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Download the LiveUpdate disk image of Norton Antivirus found in the Norton website.

2. Double-click the disk image file that you just downloaded.

3. Start the installation and then click Continue.

4. Accept the license agreement and click Continue.

5. Choose the volume for the location where you want to install LiveUpdate and then click Continue and Install. 

6. Type your Administrator name and password and click OK to allow the installation. This will start the copy process. 

7. Click Close when done with the installation.

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Norton Antivirus Error on Mac Pro


Hello Echua,

Beside these techniques you can perform another technique too to fix this problem. So pay a visit another Tetchy post and get that technique.

Symantec AntiVirus Auto-Protect could not continue

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