Norton 2012 Error Message 8504.104

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I have Norton 2012 installed on my computer but I kept on receiving error message 8504.104. To fix this problem, I downloaded and installed the suggested patch from the Norton website. The problem is that now I receive two messages. The first message says the issue is fixed while the second message states that there is an error in the Eraser program. I receive this same error every 15-20 minutes.

How do I fix this problem?

Thank you for your help.

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Norton 2012 Error Message 8504.104


Hello dear,

Concerning your problem, I think that this type of problem is caused by the malicious and viruses. In this case, boot time scan may prove helpful. Or you can do the scan in safe mood. Please follow the steps:

1. Restart your computer

2. While booting, press F8 for going to the safe mood. In some computer, the safe mood can be obtained by pressing the ‘DEL’ button

3. It will take some time to go to the safe mood

4. You should remember that, in safe mood, as all programs remain stop, so no virus can interrupt your removal action

5. Run a scan in safe mood.

Hope this problem will not occur again

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Norton 2012 Error Message 8504.104


I think what you mean by the eraser program is the Norton Removal Tool. It is a small utility provided by Symantec designed to remove or uninstall all Norton products from your computer. Be careful when using this program because it will uninstall all applications related to Norton even the ones that don’t have a problem.

In Norton, “error 8504,104” can be triggered by another security program or a failed installation in case you are upgrading the existing version of Norton 2012 to a newer version. If you install Norton 2012 and this error was triggered and you have another security program installed, you need to uninstall the other security program to be able to install Norton 2012.

But if the error was triggered after upgrading Norton 2012, download the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool. Once downloaded, run the program and click “Agree” on the license agreement. Click “Advanced Options”, “Remove Only”, “Remove”, and then “Restart Now”. After booting, follow the instructions to reinstall the Norton product.

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