Nokia PC Suite Get Connected Error

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Hi experts,

I have my Nokia N95 phone. I did not know that, I can transfer my pictures and other files to my computer using the installation CD that came with it, when I purchased it.

Yeah I know I’m an idiot,  but that’s fine I really need some help with this error that I keep on getting, when I open up the Get connected wizard of my Nokia PC Suite. It’s my first time to use this software and I have the latest version because I updated it during installation.

I have my phone connected to my computer, but still this error keeps on showing. I would really appreciate it,  if someone could show me how to fix this.

Thank you all.

Nokia PC Suite – Get Connected

Welcome to Get Connected wizard

There is no available connection type and therefore connection to phone cannot be established.  The wizard will exit.

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Nokia PC Suite Get Connected Error



First of all, to connect your Nokia phone to your PC with Nokia PC Suite you must set the USB Cable type in your phone’s setting to Nokia Mode or PC Suite mode. Then, you ALSO need to connect the data cable to your computer and phone after you start the get connected wizard.

You also need to install the connectivity cable drivers, if it was not installed automatically with the PC Suite. You can find the Connectivity Cable driver in the download page of your local Nokia Support site. Also, if you want to connect the phone with means, other than data cable, like Bluetooth or Infra-Red, you need Bluetooth or Infra-Red Hardware and their proper driver installed in your computer before you install PC Suite.

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