Nokia Lumia 800 can provide internet access to laptop

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I want to  connect my laptop in the internet through the help of cell phone.

Do you think this Nokia Lumia 800 can help me to connect to the internet?

since its modem was good and it  Lumia has an internet access.

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Nokia Lumia 800 can provide internet access to laptop


Hi Olivia,

Actually all Nokia lumia 800 users have been nagged with the problem of the phone not being able to share its internet connection with other devices like laptops, other mobiles with WIFI ability a.k.a Tethering.

But nokia promised several times that an update is coming to Lumia phones enabling tethering these promises actually started since the beginning of 2012 with rumors of the update being released is some Asian countries before being released to the rest . But Nokia's latest announcement about this subject is that the update is definitely coming before the end of June 2012 so i guess you'll have to wait and see how thing will turn around, but until this there is no even unofficial ways of tethering Lumia 800 have been released.

Hope that helps.

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