Nokia e63 media lock is not working.

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Hello experts,

Nokia e63 media lock is not working.

I bought my Nokia e63 I think one and a half year ago, it was working fine last night but this morning when I woke up.

I cannot lock my Nokia e63 mobile phone for some reason I don’t know.

Can you explain it to me what is the possible cause of this problem and give me some solution.

Thank you.

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Nokia e63 media lock is not working.


Your phone asks for the LOCK CODE.

Press and hold the grey button (closer to the shift button) to access or enable the number mode.

And Press 112 and then the call button.

Any other different method to dial 112 will not work. In this way the phone is again in normal.

This is only a temporary fix and it will ask for the lock code each time you power up.

The best thing to do once your phone is operational using this trick is to then re-install the firmware

Update using the OVI suite instead of the Nokia suite once done all will be fixed 

Remember To Backup First

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Nokia e63 media lock is not working.


If, for some reason, you cannot activate the key lock of your Nokia E63 phone, try factory reset. To factory reset your phone, first, switch off or turn off your phone. Once the phone is off, press and hold the * key + 3 key + call button + power button simultaneously until the Nokia logo appears. Next, enter your lock code.

If you haven’t set your own lock code, the default is without quotes “12345”. After this, your phone should reset and restart automatically. And that’s it. Another way of factory resetting your phone is to use USSD or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. To try this, turn on your phone if it is off then enter this code:

  • *#7370#

Next, enter your lock code or the default lock code. After this, your phone should reboot automatically. For more info on how to properly configure the key lock, go to Turning the key lock on or off.

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