Noise coming from inside my old computer

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I've been having problems with my computer recently. Automatic shut off while doing important things. Blue-screen keeps on showing while watching movies or playing games. I can hear a "scratchy" sound or like ticking inside my computer. Is my computer going bad? Do I need to replace it with a new one? What are the causes of my problem? Where does the scratchy sound coming from? Is there any way for me to fix this? Can you guide me in fixing this issue?


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Noise coming from inside my old computer


Hello Rebecca!

There are certain reasons why your computer’s acting like this. Since it’s an old computer let’s make a different approach and try to clean everything up here first. Please before doing this unplug  all power connectors of your computer and peripherals.

1. Clean your tower. Open the panel of your computer and clean up the fans for your processor and video card. If there’s any extra fan connected clean it also with a cleaning agent. Plug everything back make sure you didn’t forget to connect the proper connecters and devices. Check if you can still hear noise coming from your computer.

Since this is an old device, update your drivers and software.

1. Right-click on “My Computer/Computer,” select “Manage,” your “Computer Management” window will pop-up.

2. From the left pane select “Device Manager,” in the main pane select hardware that you need to upgrade like your Display Adapters and Sound Adapters.

3. For example, right-click Display Adapter and select “Update Driver Software.”

4. Follow the on-screen guide and do it also for the other hardware connected.

If the noise still coming from your computer, check if it is coming from your hard disk and processor or fans. From there you can see if you need to replace any part of your tower.


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