No System Disk Found Error

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Hello dear experts here,

I am a desktop computer user. I face a very irritating problem from few days.

The problem says that NO SYSTEM DISK IS FOUND.

I do not understand why it is occurring?

How can I solve it? Is there a problem with my hard disk?

Do I need to replace my hard disk?

Please suggest me. I am in too much tension.

Comment me and make me tension free to solve this problem.

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No System Disk Found Error


Hello dear Richard niam,

Your problem makes you tense. It is normal, but it is not essential always to a problem with your hard drive along. The meaning of this message shown is your central processing unit (CPU) cannot locate the system disk. It may be occurring due to many reasons.

There may be a problem with your RAM. Your power cable of the hard disk may be not connected properly. You need to check two things first.

Check your IDE cable of the hard disk whether it is loose or not. Check the power cable of your hard disk whether it is connected properly or not. Check your RAM slot properly. Without checking these, you can not answer whether there is any fatal error on your hard disk or not. After checking all these things start your computer.

Try to hear the sound of your hard disk. Whether there is any bad sounds or the normal flexible cyclic sound is missing.

If any of them is occurring then you may say there is some vital problem in your hard disk.

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No System Disk Found Error


Hi Richard,

If you have already checked the IDE or SATA cable of your hard disk and still the problem is still persisting, then go to CMOS setup and check if your hard disk is being detected or not.

Here’s how you do it,

Restart your PC and while at boot mode press F8 to enter the CMOS setup,

In CMOS set up choose and click the standards CMOS features,

BIOS Settings

See if your hard disk is detected by CMOS, if not then shut down your PC and check again the IDE cable (much better if you replace the IDE cable with new one).

IDE Primary Master

After that repeat the process and when the CMOS is finally detected by your CMOS the next thing you do, go to advanced BIOS features, make your hard disk boot first, and then press Esc. Then go save and exit.

Primary Boot Device

It will restart automatically, if the problem is still there when you boot up your PC.

Have your windows recovery disk and put it in your CD/DVD drive and let it repair your OS.

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No System Disk Found Error


Hi good day there are many options to fix this kind of issue.

1. Check the voltages of your power supply by using Multi-tester make sure the voltages are 5 volts.
2. Check the power connector of hard drive.
3. Check the IDE connector after this step.
4. Start your computer.

If this issue will not resolve your hard drive is damaged but there is another option to fix your hard drive just visit to and share “dispelling the myth of freezer based hard drive data recovery” this video will help to fix the hard drive.

Thank you, hope it helps.



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No System Disk Found Error


Hello Richard Niam,

The BIOS configurations may have changed and therefore you will need to reconfigure them.

The configurations may have changed in that the primary bootable is another like the USB drive, DVD drive or the floppy drive.

You will have access the BIOS settings and then configure the computer such that it boots from the system disk which should be C.

To access the BIOS settings, press F10 on the keyboard or any other key as the computer will tell you during the boot process.

The computer will bring a window with BIOS settings; change the bootable disk to the system hard drive C.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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