No sound problem- XP system

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I recently reformatted my pc and re-installed windows. Everything is running smoothly now except there is absolutely no sound coming out. I went to the sound controls and the options are all greyed out.

Help me please!

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No sound problem- XP system


Hi Nick,

Having no sound on your system is a big headache, since majority of the day to day apps we utilize use sound in one form or another. I don’t know what steps you’ve taken to try and solve your problem but I will help you in any way I can. Please read on.

1 . You mentioned that “sound controls and the options are all greyed out”.  Probable cause is that the Windows Audio service is not running. To check if it is indeed not running,  click “Start”, “Run”, and enter services.msc to view all running services. Scroll down to Windows Audio and check to see if status is running or started. If not, double click on Windows Audio Service and change the startup type to “Automatic”. Reboot and reopen “services.msc”. Scroll down to Windows audio again to check the service (“Started”). You should be able to make changes now to the “Sounds and Audio Devices” on the control panel.

2 . Right click on the “My Computer” icon on the desktop, then click “Properties” and select “Hardware” tab from there. Look for “Audio, Video and Game Controllers” and see if there is a yellow “!” with a red “X”  next to your sound device. The exclamation mark indicates that the sound drivers may be having a problem, or not totally installed at all. Reinstall Sound drivers from install disc, or look for the manufacturers website to download the latest drivers for XP.

3 . It may be that conflicts have occurred with some other devices on the system. To check further, go to the “Hardware” tab on the “System Properties” page when you right click on My Computer and select properties. Then right click the conflicting devices in question to remove the device by selecting “delete”.  Reboot the computer and the system should redetect the necessary devices and automatically install drivers to correct the conflicts. Have your install disc on hand to use if windows asks for the sound driver install path.

4 . If all the above steps have been done and the problems remains, next thing to do is physically check the sound card by turning the power off and opening the CPU casing. Unseat and reinsert the sound card after cleaning the copper contacts thoroughly. Power up the PC to check if the problem has been solved. Configure additional sound options if enabled now.

NOTE: If sound card is built in on the motherboard and found to be faulty, don’t fret because you can always purchase either a PCI sound card or a USB type sound card to solve the problem.

5 . Assuming that the sound card has been determined to be OK and confirmed working, drivers installed  and the options remain greyed out, the last resort is to do a reinstall of the operating system anew with a fresh and clean install of all the drivers, sound included. This last resort should never be done without first completing all the previous checks to exhaust all possible means.

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No sound problem- XP system


All options of sound are greyed out because of 3 main problems.

  1. Drivers of that sound card were not properly installed during win xp installation. To install them properly, remove your current sound card status, so that you can see if your computer picks the sound card hardware, when you restart your computer. For this purpose, right click on “My Computer” icon and go to the “properties”. Here click the “Device Manager”. Delete current status of sound card and reboot. If your computer picks sound hardware at startup, install drivers from CD or download them from internet.
  2. If your computer doesn’t pick the sound hardware, than there must be a hardware problem with your sound card. OR
  3. Your sound card conflict with other device which exists in your computer.

It is better that you consult with your vender for last two problems, as it needs to open up your computer.

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No sound problem- XP system

Make sure your speakers are not broken, or secure the speakers connection to the computer. Then open the volume control at the bottom right in your system tray. Make sure its not on mute and its volume slider is at the top.
The speakers connection to the computer
If everything is okay with the basic sound set up, you can try doing a system restore. Click start then All Programs, click accessories then system tools, then click on system restore.
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No sound problem- XP system


I hope I will solve your problem

in my opinion

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