No Signal from Monitor during Start Up

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Hi everyone!

I am having a monitor problem! Actually I was using it and suddenly my computer  freeze up, so I tried waiting it for a few minute and hope it will run smoothly but nothing happened.

I restarted it, but then the monitor is not getting a signal then I tried to open the other side of the CPU case and as I see everything works fine. And tried checking the components, fans spin and the HDD is running, it's just that the monitor displays nothing. I tried solving it using other monitors, video cards, unplugged RAM and interchange it, but still it doesn't work 🙁
I'm getting worried, isn't it because of overheat and a bad sign that MOBO will be dead? 🙁 I badly need your advice people.

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No Signal from Monitor during Start Up


Now I want to give you some bearable solution. Please follow me:-

Open your CPU cover and remove the RAM from the slot. Check your RAM, even bad RAM will result you in display problem. If you confirm that it is OK then Clean it by a dry cloth and air. Then place it in the slot properly or place it in the another slot. But if the RAM may bad change it by a new one.

If it didn't came any good result try this:

please check all connection cables at the back of your CPU and monitor also if the power or VGA cable is damaged or lost please replace those. If you see all of cables are OK then remove your power cord from CPU and clean it, then connect it back and turn power on. See, it may give good result.


Remove all the Hard disk from the system and disconnect the CDDVD drives from the motherboard. If you are using graphic card, then remove it and clean it. Replace it back properly in its tray. Then turn on your computer.

If the problem still exists try to reset BIOS.
For resetting your BIOS please turn off your PC and remove the power cord. Then open the power cabinet and remove the CMOS battery for 20-30 minutes and then put it back properly. Now plug the power cord back in and switch ON your PC.

I hope all of this suggestion may helpful for you and your problem may solved.

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No Signal from Monitor during Start Up


Good day Donna,

1. Since you already used and interchanged parts such as video card, monitor and memory, try unplugging all the different components that were connected to your motherboard such as hard drives, ODD and other pci devices so that you isolate the problem.

2. Does your motherboard has a built in video so that you can check it even without using a video card?? try to boot up the motherboard, processor only and place an internal speaker (can be found on the mobo) on it. A good motherboard will produce a long beep sound if it was booted without a memory module but if you don't have any response or sounds from the motherboard I could definitely say the motherboard is defective.

3. Try to reset the CMOS, you can do this by taking off the battery after you unplugged your CPU it should take 5mins to do it or you can use its jumper by short it at pin 2-3 for about 1min and then place it back again at pin 1-2 (normal state)

4. Use a different power supply, sometimes power supply may also cause those kind of problems like no display, intermittent display and hang. I will recommend you to use a branded power supply so that we you can be guaranteed its power output.

5. The last thing is boot it up with another motherboard, boot it up with the processor, memory and the replacement motherboard if it boot up your motherboard is defective.

I hope I could help you solve your problem…

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