No Network Nor Internet Connection

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I have no network nor internet connection on my computer. I keep getting a message that a network cable is unplugged; however, i checked my cable on both sides and it is properly plugged in.

It is properly plugged in on my computer and on the switch yet i see that a network cable is unplugged. I already tried another cable but still get the same error with that cable. I also tried connecting my cables on different ports on the switch but it does not help.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate installed on my laptop and i have a 8-port switch. What can be the problem with my computer? Is it possible that the network card might be defect?

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No Network Nor Internet Connection


Dear BradJones,

  • Firstly you try some software configuration on your windows . Go to control Panel and  click on network and sharing center.  There you will find some settings which needs to be changed. 
  • In the Change sharing options for different network profiles- 
  • Under Home or Work –
  • Turn on Network discovery = Turn on
  • File and Printer Sharing =  Turn on
  • Public folder Sharing = Turn on 
  • Password protected sharing = Turn off
  • Under Public , Do the same settings. 
  • Now you test your connection. It should be enabled. If not, disable your antivirus and Firewall, that could bring you a good result. 
  • Check the IP address of your network and pc. That should be under same network. 
  • If all these techniques fails, change your network adapter. Mind it , this is the Last solution. 
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No Network Nor Internet Connection



  I would like you to shade some light here for an appropriate answers when the network cable is attached to your laptop do you see a blinking light from the port? If no then the switch port or the port from the whole might have been deactivated by the network admin from the server.

Second if the cable is blinking then there might be a problem with the IP address setting for this case if the institution you in work on static IP addressing you have to report to the admin to ensure your comp is connected to the domain name then reset the IP address based to the allocation of your institution or organization.

To go about open any browser en select Tools menu and on the sub menu click on option select on LAN connection and do the setting for the IP address number and the DNS server address I do believe that the connection will work out.

The last thing that you need to check is if you do have the Ethernet drivers and this is done by right clicking on My computer on the desktop of your laptop then select properties on the window that pop up select hardware tab and from the pop up window select device  manager then check if the network adapter has a yellow question mark or if the Ethernet if they to right click them and insert the drivers CD and then select update and the problem shall be sorted out.

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