No network access on IPv6 connectivity

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There is no network access on my IPv6 connectivity in my Windows 7 OS, please help me how to solve this problem because the internet connection is so slow? Thanks

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No network access on IPv6 connectivity




Here are suggestion to resolve a common problem with Windows 7 connectivity concerning IPv6

–          Check for compatibility

–          Update driver network adapter

–          Go to Device Manager

–          View Hidden Devices and click on + icon to Expand Network Adapter

From here, you can either:

–          Disable Tunnel Adapters (6 to 4 ISATAP) – with adjacent IPv6 host

–          If you choose to depend on tunnel broker

–          Check and configure


–          Check your if your anti-virus firewall NDIS is filtering the port

–          Check with your anti-virus support desk for operation on opening the port

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No network access on IPv6 connectivity


Here is the solution

IPv6 is not the bottleneck. It is the firewall interface which cause the problem.

Follow the following steps to help you resolve your issue

A.)   Open Device manager

B.)   Click View tab at the top and click on Show hidden devices.

C.)   Now Expand Network Adapters by clicking on the (Arrow) icon beside network adapters. (Now you will see lot of icons down in the list)

D.)   Check in that icons if there is any ANTI VIRUS FIREWALL NDIS is there and is FILTERING THE PORT.

Example: AVG Firewall NDIS Filter Miniport

E.)   If there is ANTI VIRUS FIREWALL NDIS icon FILTERING the port, then kindly please follow these steps;

Note: These steps are for AVG ANTI VIRUS only; every antivirus has its own procedure, so if u have any problem in performing these steps, contact your antivirus support team.

* Open AVG antivirus interface

* click on firewall tab

* After that click on firewall settings

* Now click on expert settings


* Now click ok.

* Now you are ready to browse internet using your laptop and phones, don’t worry about IPv6 status, you can browse even if it shows NO NETWORK ACCESS or NO INTERNET ACCESS

Browse Happily.

Hope this will help you to resolve your issue 🙂

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