No display in monitor, what to do?

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I am having a problem with my monitor. Nothing is showing on my monitor. When Computer starts up, power supply fan moves, CPU fan moves but nothing was showing on monitor. Drive sounds as if working, but no beep is sounding at the time of starting the pc I checked the monitor cables.

All are fine. Then I tested my monitor on another computer. It seems like there were no problem in the monitor. So the problem must be in the CPU BOX. I don’t know what to do now. Please anybody help me. Thank you very much.

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No display in monitor, what to do?



No Display in Monitor? In your issue, before, there is a beep sound while the windows is starting, but now no beep anymore and no display in Monitor. Ok. Here is what you are going to do. Simple trouble shooting as follows:

+ Check if the connection if connected properly.

+ The setting of the monitor is not proportion.

+ Check the Socket in the CPU box if its in Good Condition. (Male and female socket).

a. Unplug all the sockets of your computer. (To avoid grounding).

b. Unscrew or open your CPU box.

c. Look for the RAM card.

d. Remove the RAM or Memory. (If you have 1 or more RAM, remove all the RAM).

e. Once you have removed all the RAM, you have to clean the Teeth of the RAM with the use of pencil eraser to have a good contact.

f. Then the Video card, Look for the Video Card and remove it.

g. Once you have remove the Video Card, do what you have done in RAM. Clean the teeth with pencil eraser to have a good contact.

h. Put it back to the right place and turn on your computer.

If got no luck in this solution? Try to plugged your monitor to other power supply maybe you don’t have a right wattage supply. If still no luck, try to replace your video card. Or Replace your motherboard if still no luck in replacing the video card because the motherboard have speaker where the beep sound came from.

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No display in monitor, what to do?


Yes, hello there Lewis.

I also had the same kind of problem, though I think mine was much worse. Apart from nothing was showing and no beep was heard, I later sent it to a technician and he said that the fan and the motherboard were damaged beyond repair (it was an old PC), so I had to replace it. Hopefully, yours isn’t as bad.

But, I also looked into a number of information regarding that matter. For starters, try checking the connections of your CPU; the outlets may be faulty and thus the monitor will be problematic for that specific PC. Also, listen to the beeps; if they are beeping for longer than usual, it would mean that something (in terms of loading) is stuck somewhere. Having beeps too short may show that it stop booting.

If you can still see the “Windows XP” start up, you can go check for BIOS when it boots up. See if the video card is active. If it is inactive or damaged, that could be a cause and requires replacement. Otherwise, you can try to reset them (restore default settings, etc.). There are cases that if you are using 2 video cards, it will cause some conflict so you need to close or remove one. Lastly for the video card; check to see if it is held firmly in its place. Sometimes, the heat in the case can cause some slight movement, enough to dislodge it.

Another possible cause is that the video resolution is probably too high; try booting it via safe mode if it can load, then lower it. Another thing, using safe mode (if it boots) should allow you extra graphics property options, try to switch some off if you think that may be the cause.

Another possible cause is the XP video driver. If they are not updated, chances are, it can screw up your monitor view. So, try to update as often as you can. To view it, right-click on your desktop, settings, then advanced, then monitor the driver. Also, RAM helps with the booting. If your RAM is the problem, try to change it. Hope this helps.

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No display in monitor, what to do?



Hello Dear,
Thanks that you have shared your problem with us.
Dear it seems that you have problem with your hardware.
First check your computer's RAM.
Remove all RAMs and then start your computer. And hear the beeps.
Then attach your rams after cleaning with tissue paper or soft cloth.
Now if it is beeping again then it is problem in your RAMs.
Usually dust can make this problem. After just cleaning it solves the problem.
I hope it will provide you positive help.
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No display in monitor, what to do?


Hello dear,

You have to check a few primary display components and devices. First, check that the VGA Cable connecting the monitor with the computer is working well, and is not damaged anywhere. Then, check that your monitor is OK, and has no problem showing displays on other computers. If this is also OK, then check your RAM and clean its edges, and also do this for your VGA or AGP card. You will fix your problem by doing these simple tasks. Thanks.

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