Oracle Problem: No database Found Error

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Hi all,

I am using Oracle for our companies' application. When I was doing some coding with my oracle project, I got an error that said, no connection to the database.

No database connection

No connection to the ‘Spectrum’ database could be made. Please correct the problem and try again!

As I understand with the error, it points to a connection going to the database server, I checked on my network connection and it seems to have no problem, I am connected with the companies local area network.

I called on the system administration if there are some system changes or maintenance, it seems there is nothing, I checked with my co-worker, they can connect to the server, so its only me that can't connect,

Please share some ideas on my problem.

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Oracle Problem: No database Found Error


Hello Mr.Johnhegry

I  feel this solution can help you. You have already confirmed that  there is no problem with network connection. So,

 1. Check whether you have worked with that database previously, 

 2. From database server side, we must maintain listener service otherwise you need to bring up that service.  

 3. There is TNS ping utility that means TNS ping database name in local system, checking those connectivity establishments, 

 4. Last thing is to check with your teammates and verify whether they too are facing the same problem like you. If these conditions are verified, then you need to check with that local system and rectify your problem there.

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