No D3DX9 dll installation error message

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I have been receiving D3DX9 dll error message on my machine from the past few days. I have Windows 7, on which I have installed Media Player Classic –Home cinema.

I have to run the installation, without any errors. When I try to use it, by playing a video file , an error message pops up.

Warning creating EVR Custom renderer

No D3DX9 dll found. To enable stats, shaders and complex resizers, please make sure to install latest DirectX End-User Runtime.

Is there a bug, with this application? Or do I need to install something else, in order to play the video files?

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No D3DX9 dll installation error message


Hi Harolddouglas ,

  • It is easy to resolve this problem. So just follow my instruction.
  • The problem is that all games need specific .dll Files, in Directx. Generally you find it with Game CD installation. DirectX is very important to be able to Run the game.

There are many .dll Files needed in DirectX, to play some games you download through the net. To resolve this problem please follow my instructions:

  1. Make sure that you have DirectX installation pack attached, in the Game CD ( if you don't have go to STEP 5)
  2. Install DirectX ;
  3. Restart your computer ;
  4. Download the latest version of directX
  5. Install it ;
  6. Restart you're PC;
  7. Rerun the game ;

Problem is resolved, enjoy your game.

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No D3DX9 dll installation error message



This problem often appears when d3dx9.dll file is missing or corrupted on your system. Therefore you shall download the d3dx9.dll file from Then extract the zip file to folder of the Windows System32 folder in MS Windows.

Please note that the MS Windows drive is where Windows installed.

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