Nintendo Wii U Added New Games

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Nintendo Wii U will be added new games like Batman: Arkham  City Armored edition.  

Is this will be already install in Wii U and ready to use? 

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Nintendo Wii U Added New Games


Yes. By the look of things it will be released at the same time with the release of Nintendo WiiU itself.

It will already be ready to use, since it is a WiiU-release game.

But don’t expect it to be the same with the Batman: Arkham City games already released on the PS3 and the Xbox360 though, because it adds a lot of new content. For one, all of the downloadable add-ons like Harley Quinn’s Revenge is already included in the package.

New characters for the challenges like Nightwing and Catwoman are already included, which are not seen on the currently released versions.

These are just the announced add-ons though, so expect more when the actual game is released.

The Batcomputer is going to be fully integrated onto the WiiU controller.

I am also psyched about this, because one big factor is it will fully utilize the innovative WiiU controller. The Wii U controller (or gamepad) is going to emulate his Batcomputer, in which you can see your inventory, your maps and your Intel.

This is a good addition, because the screen size of your monitor will not be sacrificed by navigating through menus in order to get a job done.

Just look on your Wii U controller and you can play continuously on your monitor.

A pretty cool addition. 

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