Nintendo DS Lite Charging Problems

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My Nintendo DS is charging abnormally. The red light, which normally lights up when charging, sometimes is not lighting. Also, it took me longer time to charge and I think the battery drains even quicker that usual. What can I do to determine the problem?

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Nintendo DS Lite Charging Problems


Hi Katherine,

How long have you been using your Nintendo DS? Was it brand new when you bought it or did someone own it before you did? I am asking these questions because the Nintendo DS battery is like a regular mobile battery in the sense that after long term use it's life will start to drain and eventually need replacing. Nintendo claims that the average life span of a DS battery is up to 500 full recharges.

As for the time it takes to recharge, do you charge it while you are playing with it? It needs more charging time if you are using it. Also, if it is subjected to extreme temperatures or has gotten wet, the battery will drain faster.

I recommend that you replace your battery pack before it leaks or destroys your DS. If you do replace your battery, please fully charge it first before using your DS so that you can check if there is any damage to the battery pack.

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