NIC got struck by lightning

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I have switched off the current cabels but my NIC got struck by lightning which came through telephone line. Can this damage the motherboard also? My PC is working but it makes a CLICK sound when it powers up.

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NIC got struck by lightning




Hello Cole.

Is the NIC an add-in card (i.e., PCI) or is it onboard the motherboard?  There is always the likelihood that the damage has extended to your motherboard.  If the NIC is onboard then the possibility of something in your motherboard getting fried is higher.  If the NIC is connected via the PCI slot then expect that slot to take some damage.

Anyways, it is fortunate that your computer still works.  Verify which component emits the "click" sound.  There are only a few moving parts in a computer so it is easy to narrow it down.

In the future, it is best to totally remove everything from possible entry points of current surges during lightning storms.  This includes the power outlet, the phone line, TV cable (if you have a tuner card), and HDTV cable connections (if your PC is connected to an LCD/HDTV that is plugged in to a TV cable or plugged into an outlet).  In short, isolate your computer from anything that can act as a path for power surges.

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