NI-FBUS Process Startup: Fatal Error

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Currently I have installed NI-FBUS COMM SW and PCI-FBUS card into my Windows XP which is for Windows v3.2.1. When I tried opening NI-FBUS Communication Manager, I received an error message which is:
“NI-FBUS Process Startup: Fatal Error

Initialize request for Board 0 timed out, NI-FBUS may not be receiving interrupts from the board.  Check your board IRQ settings with the NI-FBUS interface configuration utility.  NI-FBUS will not Exit."

I checked the settings and then set everything to default. The H1 interface board properties were then set to “Polled Mode” and I noticed that the NI-FBUS Communication Manager is successfully running. 

I need your support and help. Thank you very much.

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NI-FBUS Process Startup: Fatal Error




The problem with your processor is that your processor is not compatible with the device or motherboard you have so it might be possible that you need to change the model of the card so that it can easily compatible with the motherboard you are using. The fatal error shows it is not interlinking with the device on which you have connect the processor chip card so you might need to change the card and get the card which is compatible with your device. 

Hope this solution will get you out of the problem and you will able to run processor on your motherboard.

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