The Nextcall application full features

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What is the features that Nextcall application offers to its users?

And how much its cost? 

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The Nextcall application full features


This application helps you recognize contacts in your phone that you haven’t get in touch with recently.

Plus, it will help you in scheduling your calls ( calls that are done weekly or on regular basis). It would let you in terms of reminding yourself about important matters like meetings, etc.

To sum it up, this tool is very useful in terms of contacting someone you knew that maybe, due to a busy schedule, you had probably forgotten. This tool is very helpful to busy people like business people who are contacting a lot of consumers.

The price of this application is on around $99.99. 

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The Nextcall application full features


Nextcall is an Android application that will surely help you keep tracked of the people you are frequently calling.

This will remind you how often it is you called to a particular person especially with your clients.

If you are not a frequent caller like others do, this is a great tool that will help you check how long it is since you last spoke to a particular person, your business associate or maybe to one of your important customer or friend. And not only that, it will also help you schedule calls with someone. Setting up the application is pretty much easy.

  • First, download and install Nextcall from Google play Nextcall.
  • Open Nextcall after the installation.
  • Tap on the Add Contacts image in the application.
  • After that you need to configure how the application would categorize the contact you added. You will see a list of your contacts with an icon next to their name. A white icon means that the contact is not being tracked by the application. A gray icon with a tie means the contact is being tracked as a business contact. And lastly, a gray icon with no tie means it is being tracked as a personal contact. Tap on the icon to change the category of the contact.

To understand it much better with accompanying images, you may visit here.

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