Newly Modified Web Editor Apps for Mac and iPad from Panic

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What are the improvements in the new version of Coda for Mac?

Will Coda 2 help its user to manage their websites more than proficiently and effectively than its predecessor?

What are the advantages of Coda 2 connecting wirelessly to Diet Coda?

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Newly Modified Web Editor Apps for Mac and iPad from Panic



Coda 2 is a complete part by part detailed overhaul of all the elements of the all-in-one web editor.

The main focus of the release is to improve the efficiency and make it more ergonomic to the user.

And on top of all this, it has brand new features that will enhance your productivity to a different level.

Panic has successfully come up with these following improvements
  • Proper folding of code so as to save screen space
  • New User Interface with excellent workflow
  • CSS support has been improvised, with popup suggestions
  • Built-in MySQL editor with extended features
  • Portable Coda
  • Air Preview (live preview while coding)
  • Clipping feature improvised with multiple stop points
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Diet Coda is all the details of  the powerful web code editing condensed to a beautiful and simple yet unparalleled device, similar to an iPad. It is the perfect partner of coda, and helps you make quick fixes while even as you are travelling.

  • The diet Coda app  is available for your iPad and can be used as a second screen to see the preview in real time
  • Diet Coda offers a full iPad-based IDE
  • Diet Coda includes all the great visualizations and animations of Coda for Mac
  • Diet Coda supports FTP and SFTP in both GUI and Terminal
• Coda 2 allows us to organize the programs side by side as we use in web browsers
• The sidebar can be customized
• The design is workflow oriented 
• Code folding feature to tuck away the code portions so as to save the screen space used
• Autocomplete option available
• Automatic Indentation, bracketing, closing tag all are improvised and color coded
• Revolutionary CSS Pops. GUI popups to assist you.
• Live Changes. Real-time previews
• Built-in powerful MySQL Editor. Administer database without leaving coda.
• Editable content and structure
• Ability to run arbitrary Queries
Even though Coda 2 has many powerful features, there are some concerns of the experts too, that you should know, to have a complete knowledge about its capabilities and limitations.
  • Absence of app-wide master password
  • A visual MySQL editor is a big new feature of coda 2. MySQL is still in use but still it is not the ultimate one that is available today. Experienced and expert professional developers are searching for and switching over to various other databases over the past few years.
  • It would have been nice if PHP syntax checking were built-in
  • Another fact that is ignored is that today's projects have various other data store models beyond a single database server. It wouldn't have been possible for panic to include all the database models, but still I think that the code is designed very specifically for the PHP crowd.
  • Diet Coda is the web development companion of coda 2. It's User interface and airpreview are top class. But the entire product is concentrated just around the concept of accessing and directly editing the files that are present in a remote server.
  • Not third-party plugin ready, modifications needed
  • Diet coda is a really powerful app to edit web files directly over the server, .But nobody does that in 2012!


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