Newest Technology from Adobe Photoshop

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Adobe CS5 offers a lot of new features and new tools such as 3D options. And now that Adobe has posted a preview or sneak peeks of this new technology making it as the future version of Adobe Photoshop, I want to know, did these make it into PhotoShop CS5? Are they the same and both having the same functionalities and features?

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Newest Technology from Adobe Photoshop


Hi Tyler,

Adobe Photoshop is definitely better that the earlier versions of adobe because it offers better performance and functionalities one which you have stated, the 3D options. With adobe Photoshop cs5 you get superior HDR formatting that allows you to get the very best results when it comes to tone mapping and doing adjustments.

You can convert you images to black and white or in the colored format depending on how you want them with a lot of ease using the integrated Lab B&W action.

Other notable features in adobe cs5 are the HDR toning and the color correction feature which have made image editing quite easier.

You can read more about adobe PhotoShop CS5 features here

Hope this helps.

Lee Hung.

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