New bird in angry birds

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Hey does anyone know about the new bird added in its new Angry bird season. How is the new bird looks like and what is it special for hitting the pigs.

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New bird in angry birds



The new angry bird colour is pink and new angry bird is a female angry bird. By which we mean she's not angry all the time. Instead, the new pink Bird is a happy-go-lucky, bubble-blowing character who only embodies the Angry Birds stereotype when presented with scheming pigs.

The new character was introduced in a charming cartoon (above), advertising a "Back to School" update for Angry Birds Seasons. We are curious about how a bird who blows bubbles will work in the normal "bird tossing" gameplay. Maybe she can just distract herself with bubbles while she is being slingshotted into a stone wall.

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New bird in angry birds


If you are referring to the Angry Birds game, yes it is true, the sequel to the game, Angry Birds 2, has added a new bird called Silver. Silver will help you get those hard-to-reach pigs. Tap the screen when mid-flight and it will jump up and crashes straight back down right on top of the enemy pigs.

Unlike before when you cleared all the pigs you will go up to the next level but now, in Angry Birds 2, the game introduces multi-part levels. This means, once you’ve cleared one room you might need to play another room before you can complete a level. Angry Birds 2 also introduces Boss Pigs which you’ll need to attack multiple times to deplete their health.

In this sequel, it is no longer the birds that you’ll be using as weapons against the villainous pigs. Angry Birds 2 allows players to cast different spells that may cause the pigs to blow up in size or cause rubber ducks to rain from the sky. One great news about Angry Birds 2 is that it is free to download.

Then again, as a trend in today’s games, in-app purchases might be introduced. But according to the developers, you can complete an entire game without spending a single penny. For Android users, you can download Angry Birds 2 from Angry Birds 2 on Google Play. It requires Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and higher. For iOS, get it from Angry Birds 2 on iOS.

It requires iOS 7.0 and higher. Supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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