Network Topology and Best One

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Tell me how many types of network topology are there and which one is the best among them?


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Network Topology and Best One


Tahir, that is a nice question to ask. There are basically 5 types of network topologies;

  • bus
  • star
  • mesh
  • ring
  • tree

The best type of topology will however, mostly depend on the type of connection you have. If its an organization like a school, I would suggest star topology. This is because in star topology, even if one hub crashes or gets a problem, the other computers will still go on as usual, without any errors. This is because one fault cannot affect the network. A diagram illustration is as follows;


In the diagram, as you can see, the computers are connected to the server but via different switches and hubs. So if one hub of a computer fails or breaks down, the other computers within the network will still continue working as usual.

The star network is also quick and efficient. Star network is also very reliable, since it is mostly used for home networks. Unlike other networks like bus, this is simple to use.

Hope this solution helps.


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