Network Drive connection error on Windows 7

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I use a Network drive which by default comes along with software that makes it recognizable in windows. I connect my drive through Netgear Gigabit wired switch.

My Windows 7 recognizes the drive and shows it in my computer but sometimes at the start up I get the message saying “it was not possible to connect all the network drives”. In my computer they are shown with a red cross and upon trying the reconnect the windows immediately reconnects the drive now this is not something that is causing a lot of trouble but it happens sufficiently enough to be a nuisance.

Any help regarding the matter?

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Network Drive connection error on Windows 7


Hi Gilmore,

When dealing with NAS (Network attached storage) such problems can stem from a couple of possible sources. Check the following one by one and hopefully  we can isolate the problem:

  1. Check Cables. Loose or frayed cables on either your pc (unlikely since it would mean no internet access for you causing and you would notice this immediately) or the device can drop it from the network causing you to get disconnected.
  2. Check power options. Do this for both your pc (specifically disable the option which allows your pc to turn off your network connectivity), and the device (some NAS have  spin-down options to save power).
  3. Make sure that your OS is updated regularly.

Hope this helps.

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Network Drive connection error on Windows 7


Hi there Gilmore,

  • My idea of this problem relate on your OS or a system software that you installed previously which causes the unwanted sign of no network connection.
  • And maybe there's been a mislead to the drivers upon installing the operating system.
  • The other thing also that causes the connection not functioning properly is you need to update the TIME ZONE in your OS.
  • You can see below the window desktop the date and time, Click it and checked it if its properly adjust to the area where we are located.
  • If the trouble persist, then you need to REFORMAT your OS and install all the software that are updated to its latest version.





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