Network Adapter Non-Stop Acquiring IP

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Network Adapter Non-Stop Acquiring IP

After scanning and cleaning my computer from viruses, my network adapter connected to my Internet Service Provider is acquiring IP Address continuously and never stops from acquiring the whole day.

This bothers me a lot, so I disconnected my Internet Service Provider cable, to stop the network adapter from acquiring. I don't have an Internet Connection in my PC right now. I need your help badly.

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Network Adapter Non-Stop Acquiring IP


Hello Cristine,

If Network Adapter will not stop from Acquiring an Internet Protocol -IP, this means that your computer is not getting a valid IP-address coming from either the modem or router.

Here are the guaranteed solutions;

* Reboot your modem>router>computer.

* Make sure that the Ethernet cord is properly seated.

If this will not work, try these alternative steps below;

* Disabled and Re-enabled Local Area Network.

* Observe the status if it changes the network from Acquiring IP to network/connected.

If still will not work, try these last resource;

* Go to Start, Run, type CMD and press Enter

* In Command Prompt Window, type "netsh winsock reset" and press enter

* Restart your computer and observe again your Local Area Network

All steps will not work, try use a different cat5 cord. We might have a busted ethernet cable.

Good Luck.

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Network Adapter Non-Stop Acquiring IP


There are so many reasons why this issue occurs. There are times that the DHCP server is not available or the IP your DHCP server being distributed is full or all IP assigned in the range are all in use.

Another one is you has a network problem, cables, connections and configuration. Running services may also affect your network so you must be sure that all networking related services are all running especially the client for Microsoft network server.

By the way, asking assistance to your network provider or the internet provider may help a lot. Sometimes there are downtimes on your internet service provider which is the reason why you have encountered this kind of error.

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