NetBeans Warning – Form Loaded With Errors

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Hi dear,

I am doing work in Java for this purpose I use tool NetBeans but I receive this error in this tool please provide me help why this error appear.

Warning – Form Loaded With Errors

Error occurred in loading the form data. It is not recommended to use this form now in editable mode – data that could not be loaded would be lost after saving the form. Please go through the reported errors, try to fix them if possible, and open the form again. If you choose to open the form as View Only may see which beans are missing.

View only     Allow editing     Cancel

Unexpected Exception

A org.netbeans.modules.form.PersistenceException exception has occurred.

Please report this at,

including a copy of your messages.log file as an attachment.

The messages.log file is located in your C:Documnets and SettingsDSNP025.netbeans6.obeta2varlog folder.

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NetBeans Warning – Form Loaded With Errors


There are some issues which are a majority of them for most netbeans users with this kind of errors.

The issues maybe:

The association of the .java file with the .form file has been misplaced or is completely lost. So, now if you try to open the .form file, then a text file will be opened instead of the main GUI.

The second instance is when the .java file is not associated or not in sync with the .form file. This too starts these kind of errors.

So, make sure that any of the above issues is not wandering you.


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NetBeans Warning – Form Loaded With Errors


Hello Inggridmalombeke,

You can do the following things in order to minimize the probability of this error,

* Clean and build all library files.

* Remove and re-add all .jar library files.

* You must check that the title bar and the SVN older version were same.

To check the details of the error, you can consider the error code. In the View menu there is an IDE log option which will provide you the complete log for details.

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NetBeans Warning – Form Loaded With Errors


Here this error shows that there are some modules in that software and those all are created by you but some are by default in that software. So this error message shows that some of those modules of beans are now not available and are corrupted by some of the viruses or may be deleted by user.

So my friend the solution for you is that you can download or search out that missing module which is telling in the error box otherwise my suggestion for you is that you should go for downloading the new copy of that software and start again its installation


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NetBeans Warning – Form Loaded With Errors



Try to follow these steps, maybe it works.

First, go to Tools. Choose Option. In Advanced Options, Click Option then Editing and GUI Builder, where you need to set the Layout Generation.

To ensure the Swing Layout Extension library is not part of project, thus ensuring will not be packaged in final application jar file.

Hope it will help you.

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NetBeans Warning – Form Loaded With Errors


If this is the first time that you encountered this problem, try restarting your system then try again. But if on the next attempt it still failed with the same message, try using a different form if it’s possible.

If there’s no other way to load a different form in the application, try uninstalling the application then check your computer for any possible errors. Use a disk utility application to check the system.

For a much thorough diagnostics on the system, use a disk utility application like PC Tools Performance Toolkit, or Norton Utilities. Then after doing this install the application again.

Re-installing the program will surely fix the errors found in the form. But, if this doesn’t change the problem, an upgrade probably can fix the problem.

Try upgrading the program or download the latest version and then do a clean installation on your computer. You can do this by manually uninstalling the older version and then install the new version afterwards.

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