Nero md5 calculator result is different from publisher

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Hello fellow members.  I'm trying to verify file checksums using Nero md5 calculator.  What does it mean if the checksum from a publisher is different from the hash checksum of Nero md5 calculator?  Any feedback would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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Nero md5 calculator result is different from publisher


Hello Eckel,

Checksum mismatch errors are often encountered while calculating checksum. The checksum is calculated through a common formula shared by both the publisher and the receiver. If a checksum mismatch occurs, then there are two possibilities –

1.   The original file from the sender’s end has been modified in between and the copy that the receiver gets is not the same as the one that was dispatched from source. In this case you must notify the sender and request to resend the file.

2.   Sometimes, after you receive a file, its original copy gets updated on the server, and when checked results in a checksum mismatch error. In this case, make sure you have the latest updated copy of the file to avoid such errors.

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