Need to upgrade Server from Windows NT4 to Windows Server 2008.

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I want to upgrade my server from Windows NT4 to Windows Server 2008. The only NT computers in the network are the PDC and BDC, while the others are using Windows XP or Windows Vista. Anyone knows if I have to do anything to the computers in the network when I upgrade, and the Domain controllers change to Active Directory?

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Need to upgrade Server from Windows NT4 to Windows Server 2008.


We can't add a Windows 2000 or Windows 2003/2008 DC (domain controller) to a domain whose PDC is running under NT4.

The domain's PDC machine must be first migrated to Windows 2000 or Windows 2003, in other words, the NT4 machine has to be upgraded to one of these systems. For this we need a temporary server for migration.

We first make the temporary server the PDC of existing domain and then migrate it to windows 2000 or windows 2003 domain. Install windows NT 4.0 on temporary machine and make it BDC of existing domains. Now using the server manager make the temporary server new PDC of the domain.

Once the synchronization is done shut down the previous PDC server. Now upgrade the temporary PDC to windows 2000 server using CD ROM. Install all service packs needed. Now the domain is managed by window 2000/2003 domain. Now power up the previous PDC and delete all partitions and install windows 2000/2003 by making it member server. Now run DCPROMO command and promote it to a domain controller of the domain.

Restart it. Transfer the FSMO roles to this server. Run DCPROMO on a temporary server and demote it to a member server. Your domain is now upgraded to windows 2000/2003 domain. Now if you want Upgrade your machines to windows 2008 domain using CDs.

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Need to upgrade Server from Windows NT4 to Windows Server 2008.


Hi Marilou,

Suppose the existing domain name/netbios name" "; if you want to upgrade it to 2008 Ad domain abc.local.

(Any FQDN name you chose).

Please follow this solution.

The advantage of this solution you can decrease the down time. It will take down time only for comp migration (client migration).

First we have to do NT to 2003 upgrade and then.

2003 to 2008 migration (because of the security reasons,we will follow migration other than upgrade).

1. Make a bdc with windows NT separately with the same range in padres, make sure that all the domain databases are properly replicated.

2. Then promote it as pdc (recommend to disconnect from network).

3. Make sure that NT has all latest service packs.

4. Then insert 2003 CD and upgrade it form Nt, after the upgrade and a restart it will automatically.

Creates the AD domain and it will prompt for a domain name, you have to add a domain name (DNS name) e. g.: abc1.local.

5. Check the DNS zones for the domain make sure that all DNS entries are created successfully after the restart.

Verify the user accounts and settings, passwords.

6. Install 2008 server configure AD using same old command DCPROMO (e.g.:abc.local).

7. Next we have to migrate all the resources from 2003 to 2008 for that use the toll ADMT (you can download it from Microsoft site).

8. Now we have a source:2003 dc=abc1. Local and destination =2008 dc=abc.Local this migration type is called cross forest migration.

9. If you want to know more please reply me.

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