Need tools to fix micro SD card of my Nokia 5530

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Hello All,

I think I have corrupted micro SD card of my Nokia 5530 express music phone. There was some important images and some audio lectures i recorded in my university class. I really need those lectures and now SD card is corrupted. Can someone tell me about the tools to fix micro SD card of Nokia 5530 express music phone.


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Need tools to fix micro SD card of my Nokia 5530


Hi Boby,

This is a program for micro SD recovery called CardRecovery.

It's retail but it has a free trial and it should be enough. Here's the Link.

If that doesn't work out you can try IsoBuster.

If that doesn't work out either, I'm afraid there's not much you can do for that card, unfortunately.

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Need tools to fix micro SD card of my Nokia 5530


Hi Bobby,

There’s a lot of recovery software that you can use. But first thing that you should learn here is to never just put important files in the SD card as it is susceptible to physical damage. Always create backup to avoid loss of important files. So given this problem, you can use Data Recovery Pro. This software can recover all deleted and corrupted files on any device and it have some good feedback from its users. You can use the free version to scan your SD Card if your files can still be recovered. To be able to access those file, however, you need to buy the full version that is good for a year.

There are also free recovery applications that can be helpful. I tried out Recuva before and it was able to recover some of my files, though not all. A list of free recovery apps can be found at One or two of these might be able to help you.

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Need tools to fix micro SD card of my Nokia 5530


If your problem is with your microSD card, try fixing it first with a disk utility software. Download PC Tools Performance Toolkit and install. Once installed, insert your microSD card on the card reader then start PC Tools. Go to “Recovery” tab then select “Repair Drives.” Select “Surface Scan” among the options then pick the drive letter for your microSD card.

Click “Start” to begin the checking. When it is finished, check if the drive is now accessible. Once the drive is accessible, copy all usable files to your hard drive. On the other hand, if the drive or SD card can’t be fixed, the storage media is probably dead or has reached its end of life.

The lifespan of an SD card or microSD card is the same with USB flash drive. The life of a USB flash drive or the period of its usability depends on the number of “writes” to the storage media. As you delete, copy, and move data to the USB flash drive, you are also shortening its life.

When you delete a file or folder on the USB flash drive, it causes a “write” to the drive because you are removing the data from the drive by emptying the space the file or folder occupies. This is the same when you copy data from your hard drive to the USB flash drive, it “writes” the data to the flash drive.

Moving data from another drive to the flash drive or within the flash drive is pretty much the same because it performs both deleting and copying of data. But don’t worry, a USB flash drive, SD card, or microSD card has millions of writes that’s why it lasts for many years. If the microSD card can’t be repaired or formatted, just buy a new one and replace it.

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