Need suggestions to draw in Visio with inputs from Excel

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Hi All,

I am having Microsoft Office 2013 installed in my laptop.

I have a requirement to develop code which creates Vision flow diagram with excel inputs. I have to use the organization chart of folder hierarchy using DIR and TREE commands. The diagram needs to show the files and folder hierarchy of a network drive. I have taken the data using DIR and TREE commands, but I don't know how to use this info in Visio.

Does anybody know any way to do this? Please help me on this one guys.

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Need suggestions to draw in Visio with inputs from Excel



You may try this!

Option Explicit

Sub VisioFromExcel()

    Dim AppVisio As Object

    Dim oCharacters As Object

    Dim lX As Long

    Dim sChar As String


    Set AppVisio = CreateObject("visio.application")

    AppVisio.Visible = True


    For lX = 1 To Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row


        AppVisio.Documents.AddEx "block_u.vst", 0, 0


        AppVisio.ActiveWindow.Page.Drop AppVisio.Documents.Item("BLOCK_U.VSS").Masters.ItemU("Box"), 1.35, 9.8

        AppVisio.ActiveWindow.Page.Shapes.ItemFromID(1).CellsSRC(visSectionCharacter, 0, visCharacterSize).FormulaU = "20 pt"


        Set oCharacters = AppVisio.ActiveWindow.Page.Shapes.ItemFromID(1).Characters

        oCharacters.Begin = 0

        oCharacters.End = Len(oCharacters)

        sChar = Cells(lX, 1).Value

        oCharacters.Text = sChar




    Set oCharacters = Nothing

    Set AppVisio = Nothing


End Sub

Hope this works for you!


Okello Kelvin

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