Need suggestions to buy a low-priced and best quality printer

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Hi friends,

I need your kind help, I am planning to buy good quality and latest technology printer. I saw so many new models that come along with scanner, fax etc.. But I need only printer which is mainly for printing and that cost should be average. And also that should be a good cartridge means that it has to give good quality output.

Can somebody please give me good brand, quality and affordable printer? Your comments and suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks for your kind assistance in advance!

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Need suggestions to buy a low-priced and best quality printer

Considering your desired used, it's hard to identify the kind of printer suited for you because most of the printers in 2014 are also having other functions such as scanning and/or photocopying. Further, you did not mention whether it is for home use only or for business. The latter matters a lot into consideration since there is a printer that may appear expensive but cheaper overtime of usage when it comes to voluminous printing. Most of the printers that are currently in the market have good quality output. 
Printers are mechanically and electronically designed where  quality and reliability are the prime criteria together with the cost of print.  But this does not necessarily exempt in most problems encountered such as jamming paper and wasted ink.
Unlike a computer, phone or tablet, printers is durable. There is no need to replace it while it produces good printing.  That's why it is crucial to get the right one for the first time. 
Though you did not mention it, my advice is that consider a that has Apple AirPrint, WI-Fi  and Google Cloud so you could print from a smartphone or a tablet.
Now, the price of ink is crucial when you buy a printer.  It does not imply that if the printer is cheap then then ink is also cheap. 
An inkjet printer uses ink for cleaning between two printing activity.  The printer cleans its print heads first in preparation for the next printing. This causes more waste of ink. The price of cartridges, or a printer is not necessarily the determinant to answer your query. The value should be equated with the number of prints from each set of cartridges. A cheap cartridges could be expensive over time.
Therefore, as the price of the ink and the number of pages you can print to determine to determine the cheapest printers to run. The printers whose printing costs are more than 50% above the average is not a good indicator, regardless of the good printing appearance. 
The thing is, all printers have their own share of complaints about ink.  Manufacturers make profit on the ink, not on the printers. 
Consider Epson or Canon brand. Both have complaints about the ink. They have a good quality printing and partly on features.  The Epson can be used in hardware while the Canon, Wi-Fi only.  You may consider ip3000 or the older i860/865 of the Canon. They would be suited for your need.

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