Need some suggestions on setting up IT Training/Coaching Center

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Hello friends,

I am thinking to start a basic IT Training/Coaching center for Retired people or over 55+ years of age who do not have any computer knowledge or do not know to use social media. Just I wanted to teach them how to communicate with their old friends, relatives and making new friends and that way they can keep themselves busy with those types of activities.

I am actually IT professional, but I wanted to know whether there are any specific kind of courses or training websites available online? And I would like to set up Computers or Laptops and creating new accounts for Gmail/yahoo/Facebook/Twitter. Hope somebody can help me to find out good ideas regarding this. Your thoughts and suggestions are very much appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance and regards.

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Need some suggestions on setting up IT Training/Coaching Center



I was an instructor before. As I remember “curriculum” is one of the best pillar of education. I suggest you start first from basic. Introduce them the primary parts of a computer. This will include peripherals like printer, speaker and many more

A brief history will give them more idea how IT technology started and evolved. Teach them how to turn on and off desktop/laptop. Next step teach them how to interact with GUI and mouse. 

From here you can teach them simple encoding task that will enhance their ability to navigate through desktop and different software. You can now jump from here into browsing by introducing most common browsers.

In any institution, security is important too. Without prejudices and biases, I do have parents and I am a parent now. Elderlies need to have more assistance. You need someone who can help you execute your plans and be there while you’re relaying your lectures to them someone who can answer their simple questions to complex.

There are useful and free websites you can access to use as your mode of lecture. Off course We also have and many more. Classroom management is important also in education. You need to be patient and know how to answer them in polite manner. In the beginning of your lecture tell them right away that “yes they can!” Make them comfortable in any part of your discussion. Make it sure that they will participate.

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