Need some simple explanation about DDOS

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Hi guys,

I need simple explanation about “Distributed Denial-Of-Service Attack (DDOS)”. I want to know, What is it? What are the strategies to protect against DDOS …. etc.

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Need some simple explanation about DDOS


Hi Irish,

Distributed denial- of- service attack or DDoS attack is an attack causing denial of service to the targeted system or user causing the legitimate user/system to shut down. The typical DDoS attack, intruders will exploit the vulnerability of the computer and make it a DDoS master.

It is from the DDoS master system that the communication begins to compromise. A computer under the control of the intruder or DDoS master is called zombie or bot and the group is called botnet or Zombie Army. A botnet or zombie army is the biggest threat to internet security, not a virus, worm or spam. But, it can be prevented by Rackspace mitigation service namely:

Tier 1. Network-level traffic monitoring and analysis.

Tier 2. Server-level anomaly detection.

Tier 3. Traffic-filtering & re-routing.

If you have firewalls, switches, routers, application fonts end hardware, IPS based prevention, DDs based defense, blackholing and sinkholing and clean pipes. These can prevent too.

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Need some simple explanation about DDOS


DDoS is the short term used for Distributed Denial of Service. It is a kind of attack on a website where it attempts to make an online service unavailable by overpowering it with traffic from multiple sources. The overflow of incoming messages directed to the target system basically forces it to shut down thus denying service to legit users to the system.

They aim for a wide variety of vital resources like news websites, banks, and currently a most important challenge to making sure people or users can access and publish significant information. In a normal DDoS attack, the attacker starts by taking advantage of a weakness or vulnerability in a computer system and making it the DDoS master.

The botmaster, which is the attack master, will identify and infect other vulnerable systems using malware. In the end, the attacker instructs or orders the controlled computers to commence an attack against a specific target. There are 2 types of DDoS attacks: one is the network-centric attack which overloads a service by consuming up the bandwidth, and the other is the application-layer attack that overloads a database or a service using application calls.

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