Need some help to speed up flash drive

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Hi guys ,

Suddenly my Kingston 4GB flash drive which bought last year started to work very slowly  ,

please someone help me to resolve this problem

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Need some help to speed up flash drive


Hello Candice.

USB Flash drives usually slow down over time because of data accumulation and sometimes corrupted data are left undeleted.  Usually, a simple reformat of the USB flash disk is enough to restore its original transfer speed.

Here's how:

1.  Plug in you USB flash drive to one of your USB ports.

2.  Open Windows Explorer, look for the USB flash drive and right-click on it.

3.  Click on "Format…"

4.  Select "NTFS" as file system.  You can choose "FAT32" also if you want.

5.  Click on "Quick Format" checkbox to enable quick format.

6.  Press "Start" and wait for the format operation to complete.

7.  Try copying and reading a few files on your USB flash disk to see if there's any difference.

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Need some help to speed up flash drive


Yes, that’s right. One possible cause why your USB flash drive is getting slower is because of the amount of files you stored on it. A USB flash drive is no different to a hard drive when storing and accessing files. They may differ in their physical composition but they work the same when storing files.

When your USB flash drive has still fewer files, you will notice that you can access files faster. But as you use it and store more files, it may exhibit slower and slower performance. One possible reason is file fragmentation. You may think that files stored in a USB flash drive no longer require getting defragmented.

This is true but only applies if you don’t frequently copy and delete files. If you frequently copy and delete files in it, chances are the files you update are getting fragmented. There are 2 ways you can restore its performance. First is to reformat the USB flash drive and second is to defragment it to arrange the files inside.

If you wish to reformat it, copy all files and folders in your USB flash drive onto a folder in your hard drive. Once the USB flash drive’s contents are secured, you can now proceed on formatting it. Copy all files and folders back to the USB flash drive once finished formatting it.

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