Need some answers for Apache admin interview questions

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Good day everyone. I need some help, specifically for some Apache admin interview questions I am about to face. One question is if it is possible to record all cookies sent by the clients’ server in Web server logs. Can anyone help on the code for this? Also, can anyone share what other interview questions you tackled? Thanks!

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Need some answers for Apache admin interview questions


This is indeed an important question you may face in your interview. Yes, you can log all the cookies sent by client’s server by adding the following script to the httpd.conf file.

"CustomLog logs/cookies_in.log "%{UNIQUE_ID}e %{Cookie}i" CustomLog logs/cookies2_in.log "%{UNIQUE_ID}e %{Cookie2}i"

Also, there is speculation that mod_log_config is able to log cookies sent by client’s server. The full method is described here

Also, PHP and CGI can access the cookies. Other important interview questions should cover the following topics.

1. Location of log files for Apache server.

2. Types of virtual host.

3. Restarting Apache web server.

4. Difference between and sections.

5. Use of mod_perl module.

6. If you can automatically roll over the Apache logs at specific times without shutting down and restarting the server.

7. How to host two sites while having one IP address.

8. DocumentRoot Directory.

9. If you can put a limit on uploads on your web server.

10. Module of mod_evasive. I wish you good luck for your interview.

I Wish you good luck for your interview.

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