Need SATA hardrive jumper information which is at the back

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I have bought new SATA hard drive for my personal computer. I want to know is what is the main function of jumper behind the hard drive ? Actually I my hard drive is too slow.I formatted it twice but it does not work. I want to know if there is need to do something with that jumper ?

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Need SATA hardrive jumper information which is at the back


Hi Sean A Fulton,

I will explain to you the functions of the jumper located at the back of your hard disk drive.

The jumper at the back of the hard drive is NOT used to alter the speed of your hard drive.

The speed of your hard drive depends on how fast it was designed to operate by its manufacturer.

Some hard drives are designed to respond in a shorter time than other, older hard drives. To better assist you, you would need to provide the make and model of the hard drive you are using.

The Jumper is used to switch the drive between 'Master' and 'Slave' modes. These modes do not alter the speed of the drive, it only changes their boot priority. When the drive is set to 'Master', it means that that drive will be the main one used by the Operating System to store files, etc.

Below are pictures showing you the location of the Jumper and its 'Slave' and 'Master' location.


As I mentioned before, DO NOT change the position of the jumper.

To get a faster performing hard drive you may need to purchase a later model.

Thank you

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